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On-Camera Confidence

Let’s face it, video is everywhere! It’s an exciting game-changer for business - building connection and engagement and getting your message out there. As the appetite to do business with “real people” increases, so does the need to be visible and develop relationships with our audience.

We may already know this. But knowing something and feeling equipped and ready to do it are not necessarily the same thing.

No matter how successful we are, getting in front of the camera can be daunting. That voice in our heads does its best to keep us in the shadows:

Any of those sound familiar? You’re not alone. None of us is immune to these thoughts and they can really sabotage our progress.

Time and again I meet ambitious business owners who are resisting video because they are overwhelmed by the idea of getting in front of the camera. It’s easier to bump it down the priority list and come back to it when they’re less busy next week/month/year! All the while, others are jumping on it and getting ahead.

Well, I want you to get ahead too. I work with you to push through your resistance and get super-confident on camera, to overcome the obstacles along the way and to start reaping the rewards of using video in your business.

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