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In all honesty I’m probably a mass of contradictions but some things remain constant - one of those is my dedication to helping you get really confident on camera.

Predictions from Cisco show that by 2021 82% of all internet traffic will be video traffic AND live internet video will account for 13% of that figure.

With these eye-watering stats it’s no wonder that businesses are increasingly embracing video. It occurred to me that many others may want a piece of the action, but the whole idea of using video was so overwhelming that they might write it off as being for “other people”. This didn’t seem fair to me. Then came my Eureka! moment.

By combining my experience of presenting with my experience in business I could share what I knew about overcoming blocks and becoming confident and engaging on camera. I could also help people in business to create and deliver relevant and valuable content so that they too could use video to build connection, raise their profile and grow their business.

Sounds good, right? But what if you’ve never used video before or you’ve tried and somehow lost momentum? That’s where I come in….

Together we navigate the objections, the nerves, the content creation anxiety and the tech meltdowns. You’ll become excited to get in front of the camera, ready to engage with your audience and share your unique value and message with the world. Yes, the WORLD!


I’m also constantly learning and genuinely understand how overwhelming getting in front of the camera can be. I’m here to guide you through with patience, encouragement and positivity.

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Individual Coaching

Find your unique communication style and deliver relevant and valuable content.

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In-House Training

Get you and your team on-camera confident and use video to engage and connect with your audience.

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Presenting and Speaking

Need a presenter or speaker? Get in touch.